Data Visualization

Above all else, show the data.” — Edward Tufte

Data visualization, in the simplest terms, is a graphical representation of data to understand patterns and communicate insights.

I reckon we all are now aware of the importance of dataviz in the current times. But, we still need to focus on the essential principles for creating effective and authentic visualizations. Misleading, confusing, and impractical visualizations are common and created by even the well-known dataviz designers and journalists among us.

“There are two goals when presenting data: convey your story and establish credibility.” — Edward Tufte

Follow these five principles to create compelling and competent visualizations:

A step-by-step guide to visualizing the development of COVID-19 vaccines

I think all of us have come across timelines somewhere or the other; as a means of conveying chronological information, the classic timeline is unmatched, both in the depth of information conveyed and the “cool” factor, when done with a deft creative touch. So, with that said, would you like to learn how to build a timeline chart using JavaScript that both looks great and is simple to create? (Of course, you do!) Follow along with me as I take you through the step-by-step breakdown for developing your own JS timeline with a practical example.

As the world continues to…

Prism of possibilities

As he kicked his bike, Sandeep felt a rush of energy. Today was the selection day for the college play. He had always loved everything about plays and dramas.

Many of his friends even teased him as Sandy - the drama queen!

He had practiced hard and was very sure of which part he wanted to audition for. In fact, he already envisaged himself in the role and knew he could play this part better than any other character.

His mind whirled with emotions as he sped towards the college. This was his only chance to act in the college…

Beautifully penned Alyssa and so so true! Loved this take about life and goals - so needed in the current world where everyone expects overachievement from themselves :)

A heart-warming story of my grand-parents from the 1930s

The recent uproar about fair and coloured skin reminded me of a story of the 1930s that my grandmother had told me.

In the olden days in India, with the system of arranged marriages, the bride and the groom generally did not meet each other before the wedding. The relatives and friends of the families would decide whether the match was right. The appropriateness of the match mainly depended on the families being nearly equal in terms of social and financial status.

But, sometimes, looks entered the equation; just like they did in the case of my grandmother’s marriage proposal.

A worthy proposal

A step-by-step tutorial on building interactive JS sunburst charts with ease

Almost recovered from COVID-19 myself these days, I decided to explore how the world is currently doing, during the pandemic. So I created a sunburst chart to see at a glance what continents and countries are more (and less) affected by the coronavirus than others. The process was quick and I thought someone could be interested to learn about how such data visualizations can be built in a pretty straightforward way, even with very little technical skills. So I also made a tutorial. …

Masterchef Australia — Throwback to the 11 seasons — Data analysis of contestants inside and outside the kitchen

I am a huge fan of Masterchef Australia and the latest 12th season was delightful and different. The participants from the previous seasons came back to win and there were 3 new and wonderful judges. It was certainly a fine season and probably more successful due to the timing at which it was aired.

But for those like me who missed the original judges, here is a throwback look at the previous 11 seasons.

Masterchef Australia started in 2009 and has always stood out from other culinary shows for its affability, camaraderie, and food culture.

The 11 seasons had 264…

Nope, it is not machine learning, robotics, or data science at the top!

When I opened a weekly mail from freecodecamp, a link that caught my attention was about 100 most popular free online university courses offered for the first time ever in 2019. I love to take online courses, so I got all excited about this post and immediately opened the link.

The list is collated by Dhaval Shah and his team, of Class Central, a wonderful site that helps people in choosing which online course to take. Dhaval talks about Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs and the method they used at Class Central to create the list.

What more can I do with this list?

Looking at the…

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