Why I love Masterchef Australia and what makes it special

Masterchef Australia — Throwback to the 11 seasons — Data analysis of contestants inside and outside the kitchen

Shachee Swadia


I am a huge fan of Masterchef Australia and the latest 12th season was delightful and different. The participants from the previous seasons came back to win and there were 3 new and wonderful judges. It was certainly a fine season and probably more successful due to the timing at which it was aired.

But for those like me who missed the original judges, here is a throwback look at the previous 11 seasons.

Masterchef Australia started in 2009 and has always stood out from other culinary shows for its affability, camaraderie, and food culture.

The 11 seasons had 264 contestants, more than 100 guest chefs, umpteen number of cooking sessions and a plethora of tasty dishes created.

But more importantly, what we saw in these seasons was tons of positivity, heaps of heart-warming bonds formed, countless dreams realized, and innumerable fortunes changed. All this has made Masterchef Australia rise to stardom and become a household name across the world.

In my opinion, what made the show a cracker of a program and an absolute hit was the 3 rockstar judges who were critical yet kind in their judgement, really serious about food but full of humour, benevolent and encouraging, great mentors and wonderful human beings.

For me, Masterchef Australia is synonymous with Gary, Matt and George!


The British Australian chef is like the brother that the contestants have, a generous and genuine person who does not hold back while appreciating as well as telling the hard truth. He is a star even outside the Masterchef franchise with his other shows, podcast and upcoming book.


The tall and hefty food critic is known for his colourful attire and kind words. He is warm and makes the contestants feel at home. He is an adored household name in Australia through his weekly food column.




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